Implementing the *ect Methods in Terms of Inject

Josh told me today that one

way to see if someone is any good at Ruby is to have them implement

the *ect methods in terms of inject. This isn’t a fool-proof method,

and I’m also not concerned about it’s

screening value

as much as I am simply interested in how to do it. Most importantly,

do I meet Josh’s standards?

(As Nick pointed out,

anyone who’s spent more than 5 minutes functional programming would

laugh at this. I’m a newbie.)

Before I show my code, I’m going to give you the opportunity to go try

it for yourself. Write custom #detect, #select, #reject, and #collect

methods in terms of Enumerable#inject.

Here’s a little RSpec example that will let you automatically verify

your implementation:

And now for my implementation:

How did you do it?

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