The Next Conference You Should Go To

I’m speaking at the Voices that Matter conference in Boston from November 17-20. To tell you the truth, I’m not too keen on the name, but Obie already cleared that up. There are some great speakers lined up. I won’t tell you about them since we already know they matter.

So I’m speaking twice…first at 9am on Monday (urgh) I’ll be giving a workshop on BDD with RSpec. It’s going to be pretty awesome, don’t miss it.

Ask me anything about testing

Then again Tuesday night I’ll be on a testing panel with Bryan Liles and others. We’ll argue a lot. I wouldn’t miss this one either. Obie has set up a google moderator thing where we’ll be collecting the questions. Please check it out and add any questions you’ve got. Even if you’re not going, you should add some questions, because you’ll get the answers on video or on this blog. And it’s just helpful to the community as a whole


If you register with code PRDPKRL then you get $200 off!! Be sure to register by October 6th to save another 200 bucks. (yikes, I didn’t give you much time)

Breakfast with the speakers

Thursday morning, some of the speakers will sit at big round tables and talk about whatever comes to mind. I’ll be there, so I’d love to meet you and chat over a nice breakfast.

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