What I like about Fossil

It's fully open source

I have wondered how they did certain things, like adding a search box to the documentation.

I don't have to dig through docs - I can look directly at their source code!

fossil clone https://fossil-scm.org && head -n 10 fossil-scm/www/permutedindex shows it.

I did have to modify the search settings, which was easy enough.

It's the fastest way to develop and deploy a static site

The embedded project documentation lets me make a full website using simple Markdown files. I can preview it locally with fossil ui.

As soon as I commit, it syncs my repo with patmaddox.com. My site is up-to-date by the time switch to my browser and reload.

Amending commit messages

So nice! It would be great if I got the commit message right every time, but I don't. Sometimes I need a bit more work and context to find the best way to express it. Sometimes I'm just lazy and tired and don't feel like doing it. With Fossil, I can commit the content I have, and amend the message later.