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bhyve explorations

FreeBSD has a virtualization hypervisor called bhyve. I don't know how to use it. I want to find out.

  • [x] start a guest
  • [x] guest network access out
  • [x] use interface name other than tap0
  • [ ] configure host with UCL
  • [x] mount disk on host, modify before boot
  • [ ] figure out correct rc.conf settings to name an interface
  • [ ] nfs mount guest?
  • [ ] share host file system with guest?
  • [ ] headless / exit out of terminal
  • [ ] EFI boot (bhyveload can have security concerns)
  • [ ] use a zvol backend instead of file


  • still need NAT - I thought I could use a bridge and routing
  • wasn’t able to ping router - probably because router didn’t have a route back to that IP? In which case would need NAT.


  • wireless needs to NAT



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